Activity reports

You will find the most important activities of LfM in attached papers.

LfM activity report 2011 

LfM activity report 2010

LfM success story 2009


We publish four issues yearly of our Newsletter. Some issues are on a special theme:
3-4/2005: Nuclear power for energy. 
2-3/2006: Reports from the seminar Food for life. 
4/2006: "Health care that doesn't harm". From CleanMead Europe.
1/2007: The mercury study performed by HCWH. 
2-3/2007: Climate changes and aspects of green health care. 
1-2/2008: The Baltic Sea.
1-2/2009: Reports from the seminar on pharmaceuticals and environment.
4/2009: Reports from the seminar on climate changes and health.
3-4/2011: Nanoparticles and health.


Our website is an important tool for communicating knowledge to our members and others. It is continously updated.


- Nanoparticles and health – what do we know? With Ekocentrum, Göteborg.
- Reduced use of pharmaceuticals – a necessary but impossible task? With Engineers for the Environment, Stockholm.
- Pharmaceuticals, patient safety and environment. At the Annual General Meeting of the Swedish Society of Medicine, Stockholm.

Energy, health and sustainable development.
Sludge, cadmium and health, with the Swedish Engineers for the Environment.

Several seminars on health aspects of effects of the climate changes:
- For the parliament members, together with the Liberal Party
- At the Human Rights days, arranged by Amnesty
- At the the Annual General Meeting of the Swedish Society of Medicine, together with the Swedish Medical Association
A seminar on pharmaceuticals and environment for the Swedish Society of Medicines.

- Together with the Green Party, we arranged two seminars on "Pharmaceuticals, environment and health" for all members of the parliament and representatives for the ministries and other authorities. Earlier, we arranged public seminars on this subject in 2004 and 2005. 
- We had a seminar on the Baltic Sea, including the situation for the cod.

- "Food for life" was the title of two seminars in 2006 and 2007.
- Together with Economists and Engineers for the Environment, we arranged a seminar on Economy, Environment and Health.

Other activities

In 2010 and 2011, we cooperated with the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) on marketing EPPPs (Environmental Permanent Polluting Pharmaceuticals) as an emerging issue for SAICM, the WHO group on chemicals and health.

In 2009 and 2010, we have cooperated with the Swedish Medical Association in the work within World Medical Association on policies concerning climate changes and chemicals respectively.

In 2008, we have contacted the EU mirror commission for IEC 62368, safety standard for electronic products, to ask them to say no to chapter 7, about flame retardants.

LfM participated in the mercury study on fertile women performed by HCWH in 2006. In April, 2007, we participated in a workshop on mercury free health care in New Delhi, arranged by Toxics Link and St Stephen's Hospital.

In 2005, we called the Ministry of Enterprise and presented a memorandum on the proposed bill on transport policy.

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