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icon_english.jpg    The Swedish Doctors for the Environment (LfM) is a non governmental non political organisation. It was founded in 1991 and is open to medical doctors, medical students and scientists within the medical field. Others can be associated members. LfM now has around 300 members from all medical specialities.

The purpose of LfM is to promote a development of society that leads to good living conditions and health for today's and tomorrow's generations, nationally as well as globally.

LfM wants to quicken the development towards a socially, economically and ecologially sustainable society. We want to support this development through

- bringing forward scientifically founded principles and knowledge about connections between environmental factors and health;
- bringing forward that the human being, being a part of nature, is dependant of healthy eco systems that can provide us with air, water and food of sufficient amount and quality.

We agree with the four system conditions for a sustainable society, developed by The Natural Step Foundation:

System condition 1

Substances from the bedrock do not increase in nature.

System condition 2
Substances from society´s production do not increase in nature.

System condition 3

The resources of nature are not depleted through overuse, displacement or manipulation.

System condition 4
Economising with resources is so efficient and just that human needs can be satisfied everywhere.

We think globally:
- Climate changes and health
Chemicals and health
- Mercury
- Energy issues and health
Traffic, health and environment
- Food and health
- The Baltic Sea

We consider the responsibilities of the health care:
- Medicines, health and environment
- Our seminars about medicines and environment
- Life style, health and environment
- Toxic substances in health care
- The responsibilities of the profession
- The climate - what can we do ourselves?

Under "Läs mer - read more" after most pages, you find references in English as well as in Swedish.

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